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Bicycling is one of the most comfortable ways of moving around in Hamburg. There are many attracting and well signposted cycle tracks.

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Everyday Life and Leisure Time

Why not going to work by bike while using one of the “Veloroutes”? Or perhaps you'd like getting to know the City of Hamburg and the Metropolitan Region by cycling the “Freizeit-” / “Umlandrouten”, too. Here you will find detailed information on cycle tracks for everyday life (“Alltagsrouten”, ”Velorouten”) or routes to spend some leisure time on for recreation (”Freizeitrouten”, “Umlandrouten”): (in German language).

In addition, you are welcome to use the cycle route planner Hamburg: (in German language). Some providers even offer guided bike tours.


Many hire stations throughout the entire city offer around the clock facilities for hiring and returning a “StadtRAD”. The first half hour is free of charge. Find more information here: (in German language).

To park your bike safely, there are the new Bike & Ride possibilities at train stations or special bike spaces. Sometimes, these services are subject to a fee.

Please mind the road traffic regulations!