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Whether you need to register your car in Germany depends on your length of stay.

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Temporary Stays

If you keep your normal residence in a foreign country and you stay in Germany for less than 6 months, you do not need to register your car or pay any taxes here – your car will remain registered in your country of residence.

Stays Over 6 Months

If you move from another EU country to Germany and take your car with you, you mus tregister it in Germany and have to pay the corresponding taxes. Registration must be made within 6 months.

Motor vehicles and their trailers must be accredited for participation in public road traffic.

The car registration in Hamburg is to be executed by the State Office for Transport (Landesbetrieb Verkehr – LBV).

Contact: State Office for Transport (Landesbetrieb Verkehr – LBV)

You can register your car upon previous appointment at one of the five locations of Hamburg’s State Office for Transport (LBV):

LBV Hamburg-Mitte, Ausschläger Weg 100, 20537 Hamburg
LBV Hamburg-Nord, Langenhorner Chaussee 491, 22419 Hamburg
LBV Hamburg-Harburg, Großmoordamm 61, 21079 Hamburg
LBV Hamburg-Bergedorf, Bergedorfer Straße 74, 21033 Hamburg
LBV Hamburg-West, Schnackenburgallee 43, 22525 Hamburg

Internet: (site in German language)

Online appoinment scheduling: (service in German language)

For more information about admission requirements and the necessary documents, see the dowload file below.