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Transport & Mobility Bicycling in Hamburg

Bicycling is one of the most comfortable ways of moving around in Hamburg. There are many attracting and well signposted cycle tracks.

Bicycling - Hamburg Welcome Portal

Hamburg is a very cycle-friendly city with many wide avenues and bicycle lanes, as well as parks. So you find ideal conditions to use the bicycle for leisure tours or getting to work. To park your bike safely, there are the new Bike & Ride possibilities at train stations or special bicycle spaces.

Further information on cycle tracks for everyday life or routes to spend some leisure time is available at Some providers even offer guided bicycle tours. In addition, you are welcome to use the interactive city map with lots of things to see in the surrounding.

You are out in town and want to switch to a bicycle for a short distance or rent one for a spontaneous bike ride? No problem! Just register at the StadtRAD Hamburg and rent a bike at over 200 stations. The first half hour is free of charge.