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Transport & Mobility Bus, Train and Car Sharing

You want to move around in Hamburg without an own car? No problem: Use public transport or car sharing offers.

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Hamburg Public Transport Association (HVV)

The public transport system in Hamburg is so well developed that you can reach any destination quickly and easily by train or bus.

Take advantage of the services in the Hamburg Public Transport Association (HVV) to get where you want to go safely and with no stress by bus, rail or ferry. You can find your individual timetable information at the website as well as lots more that’s useful to know about public transport in Hamburg and its surrounding region.

You can get the HVV-App for iOS and Android phones free of charge at our App Store. This is a timetable and ticket shop all in one – an even more convenient way to get where you want to go!

Car Sharing

Car sharing is the flexible, convenient and inexpensive alternative for those who only need a car from time to time. In Hamburg and surrounding areas, there are numerous car sharing offers - often in the immediate vicinity of rapid transit stations. 

The principle of car sharing: You can reserve a car by phone or on the Internet, pick it up at a parking lot and return it again to another parking lot. Depending on the provider, the car can be parked either at fixed stations or in all public parking spaces in the respective business area. The price depends on the driven kilometers.

Car sharing providers located in Hamburg can be found online in the internet business pages of Hamburg under the search term „Carsharing Hamburg“, for example.