Entry & Residence Family Reunification

To establish the family community, family members (spouse and children under 18 years) can apply for a residence permit.

Hamburg Welcome Portal – Entry and Residence – Third Countries Citizens – Family Reunification

The following requirements must be met:

  • Your family member (who is joined in family reunification, also referred to as the “principal” person entitled) has a valid residence permit or has the German nationality.
  • Sufficient living area is available.
  • Livelihood is secured.
  • In general, the subsequently immigrating spouse has to prove basic German language skills.

For the entry and stay in Germany you need a visa. This visa must be applied for in the German embassy or consulate in your home country before the entry. The processing of a visa application may take several weeks, so please apply for the visa in time.

After arriving in Germany you have to register your address and apply for a residence permit at the Hamburg Welcome Center or at your responsible foreign office. There you will receive more information about the application.