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Since 2012, highly educated professionals can be issued a special residence permit: the EU Blue Card.

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The EU Blue Card is a residence permit, initially generally awarded for a four-year period, available to nationals of non-EU countries who have a university degree or equivalent qualification, with the aim of enabling them to take up employment on the basis of their qualification.

vergrößern Blaue Karte EU / EU Blue Card Blaue Karte EU / EU Blue Card (Bild: BAMF) A further prerequisite is that the individual must provide evidence of an employment relationship through which a minimum annual salary of two-thirds of the annual contribution assessment ceiling for general pension insurance (2017: EUR 50,800) will be earned. With regard to professions for which there is particular demand in Germany, the salary limit is lower (2017: EUR 39,624). Please note, that the Federal Employment Agency will review proof of the necessary annual salary during the application procedure.

Holders of an EU Blue Card who can prove that they have been in qualified employment over a period of 33 months and that they have paid (compulsory) contributions to statutory pension insurance or comparable benefits are granted a permanent settlement permit. Provided that the individuals concerned can demonstrate having language skills at level B1, the settlement permit is granted after a period of 21 months.

Proof of German language skills is not required in the case of accompanying spouses or spouses who subsequently move to Germany to live with their husband or wife.

Spouses of holders of an EU Blue Card have immediate access to gainful employment.

For more information please visit the website of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees or the Association Für soziales Leben e.V., or get in contact with the Hamburg Welcome Center.