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Study & Research Health Insurance for Students

In order to enrol at a German college or university and to obtain a residence permit, students must prove to have adequate health insurance.

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International students from the European Union or from such countries, with which Germany has concluded a social security agreement, can remain insured in their home country and use their European Health Insurance Card issued there in Germany.

International students under the age of 30 or who have completed 14 semesters or less, and who have no European Health Insurance Card, can insure themselves at the start of their course either via the statutory student insurance or via private insurance.

Statutory student insurance

Statutory student insurance (which has low premiums – currently EUR 66.33 plus additional contribution depending on the insurance company for health insurance, and EUR 15.25 for long-term care insurance) is limited to 14 semesters of study, and comes to an end with your 30th birthday at the latest. Please note that students who reached their 23rd year and do not have children, have to pay EUR 16.87 (instead of EUR 15.25) for their long-term care insurance.

The health insurance premium is set at 10.22 percent of the BAföG subsidy for students not living with their parents (EUR 649); for long-term care insurance it is 2.35 percent of this rate (2.6 percent for childless students from the age of 23).

Students who have completed their 14th semester of study or reached their 30th year, can only continue to partake in statutory student insurance, if this is justified by the nature of their studies, or family or personal circumstances, or if they obtained university enrolment qualifications via an institution of the second-chance education (Zweiter Bildungsweg).

If no such reasons apply, students can insure themselves voluntarily under the statutory health insurance system, although the premiums will then be about twice the previous amount.

Private insurance

If you take out health insurance (including family insurance) with a private insurance company, you must apply for exemption from statutory student insurance within three months from the time the private insurance first becomes effective.

Please note: this exemption will be in effect for the entire duration of your studies and is irrevocable. As long as you are studying, switching from private health insurance back to statutory health insurance is impossible.

Recipients of BAföG support

In all cases where recipients of BAföG funding arrange health insurance, the monthly BAföG subsidy is increased (currently by a maximum of EUR 71 for health insurance and a maximum of EUR 15 for long-term care insurance). Ask your health insurance company to issue a certificate that you can submit to the “Amt für Ausbildungsförderung”.

Preparatory courses (language courses / Studienkolleg)

Students from abroad taking language courses or attending a Studienkolleg in preparation for university studies, are as a rule not entitled to partake in the statutory health insurance system. In this case you must opt for private health insurance. Once the language course has been completed, students who are younger than 30 can change to the public health insurance for the duration of their studies.

The “Deutsches Studentenwerk” (German National Association for Student Affairs – DSW) has concluded a general agreement with the UNION Versicherungsdienst for students who cannot get insurance with a public health fund.

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