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It is not easy to find affordable, suitable accommodation in Hamburg in time for the start of semester. That is why we advise you to begin searching before being accepted at your university.

Student Residences - Hamburg Welcome Portal

With their 24 residence halls, which shelter more than 4,220 people, the “Studierendenwerk Hamburg” is the biggest provider of student accommodation in Hamburg. Only students enrolled at one of the public Hamburg universities, as well as students at the Studienkolleg, the Zentralkolleg, the Conservatorium in Blankenese and at Bucerius Law School are entitled to a place at a student hall of residence.

Up to 50% of the places at the halls of residence managed by the Studierendenwerk Hamburg are available for international students. The percentage of international students studying at Hamburg universities is 10%.

You can submit your application online. There is a waiting list to which any application can be added at the earliest three months prior to your move-in date. You will have to expect waiting times for a place due to the huge demand for student accommodation. In addition, you also have the opportunity to reserve a guaranteed furnished room in one of the student residences by booking a so-called “Service Package”. Please note: This offer is limited.


You can also find a wealth of useful tips for apartment-hunting in Hamburg in the “housing“ section of this Hamburg Welcome Portal.


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