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School Bilingual Classes

In Hamburg, your child has the opportunity to attend a bilingual class. In bilingual classes, students are educated in two languages from day one.

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What bilingual teaching is

Bilingual schools employ German teachers and native speakers who give lessons – for example in History or Geographics – in two languages. The proportion of teaching in the foreign language increases continuously with the duration of learning. Apart from factual content, the ability to communicate interculturally is taught simultaneously in this way. The courses are addressed to children from bilingual families and of course to children whose mother tongue is German as well. Requirement: The children have to speak the German language sufficiently in word and writing when attending a bilingual regular class.

Bilingual teaching at primary schools

In Hamburg, there are bilingual primary schools with

  • German-Italian,
  • German-Portuguese,
  • German-Spanish and
  • German-Turkish classes.

In addition, six primary schools in Hamburg have set up so-called »Immersion Classes« in which all the lessons (except the German lessons) are held exclusively in English.

Bilingual teaching at secondary schools

In principal, pupils can continue attending these bilingual classes at secondary schools until the end of year 10 or even until the A levels. At selected comprehensive schools and grammar schools there is bilingual teaching in English, French or even in Chinese, too.

Bilingual school leaving qualifications

Certain grammar schools and comprehensive schools in Hamburg offer the possibility to gain a bilingual double degree that entitles its holder to enrol in study programmes at universities and higher education institutions abroad (International Baccalaureate or AbiBac).

More information

In addition to the regular lessons, many schools offer extracurricular activities (work groups) where pupils can also learn foreign languages. You can obtain further details on language teaching at Hamburg’s schools in your child’s school.