Studying & Working Recognition of Foreign Professional Qualifications

If you have a foreign qualification and want to work in your learned profession in Germany, you can apply for recognition of your qualification. In some professions, a recognition is necessary in order to work in this profession.

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Professional recognition means the evaluation and – in the event of a positive decision – confirmation of the equivalence of your foreign professional and vocational qualifications with German qualifications.

Whether recognition is necessary depends on whether it is a regulated profession or a non-regulated profession.

Regulated Professions

In regulated professions, recognition is a precondition for access to the profession as well as for using the job title. Without recognition, persons with professional and vocational qualifications gained abroad may not work in these professions in Germany. A list of all professions which are regulated in Germany can be found in the “Regulated Professions Database”.

Non-regulated Professions

Recognition is not an essential precondition for exercising non-regulated professions. You can work without recognition. Non-regulated professions are all so-called skilled occupations which are trained in the dual system: Overview of training occupations in Germany.

Nevertheless it can be helpful to recognise your foreign qualification. Recognition can help employers and companies to understand your foreign qualification. A qualification which has been recognised as equivalent also opens up access to advanced vocational training.


For further information on qualifications recognition and help with the application process, please contact the Counselling Centre for the Recognition of Qualifications (Zentrale Anlaufstelle für Anerkennung – ZAA).

Office address:
Großer Burstah 25
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phone: +49 40 3062 0-396 (Appointment scheduling: Mon, Tues, and Wed: 9 a.m. – 12 a.m.; Mon, Wed: 2 p.m. – 4 p.m.)