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Learning German Talk Groups

Speak German and meet new people: Take part in free talk groups to improve your German skills.

Talk Groups - Hamburg Welcome Portal

If you already have basic knowledge of German and would like to meet new people and learn about their cultures, talk groups are the ideal opportunity to solidify your German skills.

In Hamburg you can take part in several free of charge talk groups, for example „Sprache im Alltag“ or “Dialog in Deutsch” at the Buecherhallen libraries.

“Dialog in Deutsch” (Dialog in German)

In the talk groups of "Dialog in Deutsch", you can speak with others about different life topics. There is a group leader who moderates the round. "Dialog in Deutsch" takes place every week in every book hall. You can simply join them without registration.

More information and dates can be found at:

„Sprache im Alltag“ (Language in everyday life)

"Sprache im Alltag" is a project of the Sprachbrücke-Hamburg e.V. and takes place throughout the entire city of Hamburg. The conversation topics are changed monthly and are adapted to the needs and wishes of the participants. In the last week of the month there will be a suitable excursion. Registration is recommended.

More information and dates can be found at: