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In Germany a marriage is legal, when both fiancées were married in the registry office. That’s why you have to register your marriage at the registry office. The relevant registry office is determined by your place of residence. If the fiancées have different residences, they can choose at which of the relevant registry offices they wish to register the marriage.

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The registration with the relevant registry office is required, because the registry office has to check whether the couple fulfils the legal requirements for the marriage. The residence-based rule, to which registry office you must submit your marriage intent, applies only to the registration of marriage. Afterwards, you can marry in any registry office in Germany, when your relevant registry office confirms that the legal requirements for the marriage are fulfilled.

General Requirements

  • The marriage must be permitted under the law of both partners.
  • Both partners must be at least 18 years old.
  • There must be no prohibition of marriage:
    1. Prohibition of marriage in the case of an existing marriage.
    2. Prohibition of relatives’ marriage. A marriage must not be concluded between the blood relatives of a straight line and between fully or half-breed siblings.
    3. The prohibition of relatives’ marriage also applies to adopted children in relation to the adoptive parents and their relatives.

In principle, foreign citizens may enter into marriage when they submit a certificate of no impediment. Please contact your local registry office for further information.

Necessary Documents / Fees

Please ask your local registry office personally, because the necessary documents and fees depend on the individual case. To find your relevant registry office, please enter your registered address in the Authority Finder (Behördenfinder).

Marriage Ceremony

In Hamburg, your marriage ceremony can also take place in a beautiful ambience outside of the registry office. Whether on the Alster Lake, in the Town Hall, in a museum or in the Planetarium, for everyone there is the right place for the word of consent. You can find more information at

Visa for Marriage

If your partner lives abroad and does not have a permission to stay in Germany, you must submit all necessary documents for marriage to your relevant registry office. Only when the registry office certifies the completeness of the documents, your partner can apply for a visa for marriage at the German Missions Abroad. After the marriage your partner has to apply for a residence permit at the relevant immigration authority. You can get further information about the visa procedure at the German Missions Abroad in your partner’s home country.