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Kids & Family Counselling and Support Services for Families in Hamburg

In Hamburg, there are many counselling and support services for families. These offers are free of charge.

Counselling and Support Services for Families in Hamburg - Hamburg Welcome Portal

Where can I get support after the birth of my child?

  • New parents’ advising offices (Mütterberatungsstelle)
    New parents’ advising offices help parents with questions about feeding and caring for their children. They offer infant and toddler examinations.
  • Wellcome
    The Wellcome Team provides families with practical support services, e.g. assisting with visits to the pediatrician, going grocery shopping or caring for siblings.
  • Family teams (Familienteams)
    If you feel overwhelmed during pregnancy or in everyday life with the baby, the experts from the Family teams will help you.

Where can I meet other parents?

  • Parent-and-child centers (Eltern-Kind-Zentren)
    The parent-and-child center will be your address if you want to talk with other parents about child-rearing. It’s a meeting place for parents of infants and toddlers who do not yet attend daycare. While there, your child can play with many toys and games.
  • Mother centers (Mütterzentren)
    Here mothers with small children can meet each other and share experiences. The children are supervised while the mothers can take part in meetings and courses.
  • Parents’ schools and Family education centers (Elternschulen und Familienbildungsstätten)
    The city-operated parents’ schools and family education centers offer many different courses and events for parents.

Where can I get help with child-rearing?

  • Parenting advice offices (Erziehungsberatungsstellen)
    These offices help parents with questions about child-rearing and provide assistance with family issues.
  • Facility for single parents
    Being a single parent doesn’t mean that you have to deal with all your problems and questions on your own. The institution „Alleinerziehenden Treffpunkt und Beratung e.V.“ offers advice and support for single parents, for example on issues regarding separation, divorce and alimony. Here you can also get advice, support and exchange in open meetings with other single parents.