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Children make a lot of pleasure but their education and livelihoods are often very costly. The Family Benefits Office supports the families with child benefit.

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Who can receive Child Benefit?

German citizens can in principle receive Child Benefit in accordance with the Income Tax if their place of residence or the place where they usually live is located in Germany. This also applies to nationals of EU / EEA countries and Switzerland, if they are gainfully employed in Germany or, if they are not employed, live with their children in Germany.

Foreign nationals who live in Germany can receive Child Benefit if they have a valid residence permit.

Note: Only one person can ever receive Child Benefit for the one and same child. It is paid to parents, grandparents or foster parents. 

Since 2016, the tax identification number of the person entitled to Child Benefit as well as the child's tax identification number is required when filing for Child Benefit. This is to ensure that the Child Benefit is paid only once for each child.

In the Child Benefit leaflet you’ll get more information about the application.

How much is Child Benefit?

With effect from January 2017, Child Benefit will be paid monthly in the following amounts:

  • for the first two children EUR 192 each
  • for the third child EUR 198
  • for every further child EUR 223

When does my entitlement to Child Benefit end?

Normally, the payment of Child Benefit ends at the end of the month in which the child reaches his/her 18th birthday. Payment will only be continued if the child is e.g. in school education, vocational training or higher education. In principle Child Benefit can be paid up until the child’s 25th birthday at the latest.


You need to apply for Child Benefit in writing at the Federal Employment Agency's local Family Office. Application forms in several languages intended for completing and printing can be found online.

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