Studying & Working Residence Permit for Job Search

If you have successfully completed your studies at a German university, your residence permit can be extended up to 18 months for the search of an appropriate job. You can take any job in this period (§ 16 IV AufenthG).

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If during this time, you have found a job that corresponds to your university degree, the former residence permit can be rewritten into a residence permit for the purpose of employment (§ 18 AufenthG).

The following documents are required for the application:

  • completed application
  • passport
  • 1 biometric photo (35 x 45 mm, not older than 6 months)
  • proof of sufficient health insurance (ideally from a German health insurance)
  • proof of financing, at least 670 € per month (account, scholarship, commitment)
  • certificate of university + grade list
  • administration fee of 80 €

The 18 months start from the written announcement of passing the final exam and the exam results. The date of exmatriculation or the date on which the certificate is issued, is not relevant for this period.