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Health & Insurance Hospitals in Hamburg

If you are in need of medical treatment, this will be well taken care of. In Hamburg there are 38 hospitals and clinics with more than 12,000 beds.

Hospitals in Hamburg – Hamburg Welcome Portal

For special medical examinations, surgeries and childbirths your treating doctor will issue you a written prescription of hospital care (= „Verordnung von Krankenhausbehandlung“). In cases of urgent need or after an accident you can visit the emergency department of any hospital immediately.

The severity of the injury or illness determines whether the medical treatment can be realised on an inpatient or outpatient basis. In cases of inpatient treatment (stationary treatment) you must stay in the hospital overnight in order to guarantee permanent medical monitoring. Medical treatments are considered as outpatient treatments (ambulatory treatments), when you neither spend the night before nor the following night in a hospital.

Normally, all costs for medically necessary services during a stay in hospital (medical examinations, surgeries, nursing, pharmaceuticals, medical aids and appliances, catering, stationary accommodation) are covered by your health insurance. When in hospital, members of the public health insurance have to pay a personal contribution of 10 Euro per treatment day (for a maximum 28 of treatment days in any calendar year).

Find an overview of the hospitals in your area at the Hamburg Hospital Portal (= “Hamburger Krankenhausportal”). This is an interactive map presenting all hospitals in Hamburg with search an filter options (in German language only).  First, you enter your location into the search field. Now, all nearby hospitals will be displayed on the map. The filter function allows a more specific search for birth assistance (“Geburtshilfe”) and/or emergency care after accidents (“Not- und Unfallversorgung”).