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Health & Insurance Emergency Numbers

Sometimes time is of the essence. So it is important for you to know the following telephone numbers. They will help you find assistance immediately.

Emergency Numbers – Hamburg Welcome Portal

Important emergency numbers at a glance:

Emergency doctor / Ambulance (Notarzt): 112
This is the number to call if someone is very seriously ill or injured.

Fire brigade (Feuerwehr): 112
Call this number immediately if you discover a fire in your house or another building.

Police (Polizei): 110
Has someone attacked you? Or did you see a crime being committed? Then call the police straight away!

Emergency Service Hamburg (Ärztlicher Notfalldienst Hamburg): 040 2280 22 or 116 117
Contact the medical emergency service, if your family doctor cannot be reached.

Dentists’ association Hamburg (Kassenzahnärztliche Vereinigung Hamburg): 01805 0505 18
The dentists' association will inform you which dental offices have opened in an emergency.

National Poisons Information Centre
in case of acute poisoning, call: 0551 192 40
for children, call: 030 192 40

Emergency Pharmacy Finder: 0800 00 22833