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Registration and Changing of Residence

You have to register your residence within two weeks after you moved in. For registering or changing your residence please submit the following documents:

  • official photo identification (identification card or passport) for every certifying person
  • birth certificate, marriage license, divorce degree where applicable
  • completed and signed registration form
  • confirmation from the landlord “Wohnungsgeberbestätigung” (new)
  • administration fee: EUR 12

Deregistration of Residence (Abmeldung)

Deregistration is only necessary when

  • you move abroad
  • you move out from your secondary residence (Zweitwohnung).

If you move within Germany, please contact your local registration office at the new place of residence. It’s not necessary to deregister in Hamburg.

You can hand in your deregistration personally at the Hamburg Welcome Center or mail it to The deregistration is free of charge. You will receive a confirmation of deregistration.

For degistering your residence, please submit the following documents:

  • official photo identification (identification card or passport) for every certifying person
  • copy of your official photo identification, if you send the deregistration by e-mail
  • completed and signed deregistration form

Please note that the date of your moving out is decisive for the deregistration. A deregistration even though you still live in the apartment is not possible.

Forms for registering changing or deregistering residence:

Residence and Settlement Permit

In order to be allowed an extended residence in Germany, Non-EU citizens have to apply for a residence permit immediately upon immigrating to Germany. In general, the following documents will periodically be needed for the issue of a residence permit:

  • passport
  • biometric photograph
  • proof of adequate health insurance:

    Foreign nationals without statutory health insurance must prove adequate private health insurance coverage.
    • residence up to 36 months and no employment or minor employment: Annex 7 (PDF, 65 KB)
    • residence up to 60 months: Annex 6 (PDF, 60 KB)
    • residence of more than 60 months or granting of a settlement permit: Annex 5 (PDF, 69 KB)
  • completed and signed application form (see below)
  • administration fees:
    • initial issue of the residence permit: EUR 100 to 250
    • extension of the residence permit: EUR 80
    • For underage children the administration fees are reduced respectively by half.

Depending on the purpose of your residence (work, studies, language course, etc.) further documents are required.


Application forms:

Additional Forms for residence and settlement permit:

Transferring the residence title in a new passport

The following documents are required for the assignment of an electronic residence permit in a new passport or in a new replacement passport:

  • new passport
  • old (invalid) passport
  • current biometric photo
  • administration fee: EUR 60

Additionally, you must submit a completed and signed application form (see below).

Application forms:

Additional forms for residence title transferring: