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Entry Formal Obligation

What is a formal obligation? What kind of commitment do I make with the formal obligation?

Formal Obligation - Hamburg Welcome Portal

If a foreigner is unable to finance the stay in Germany with own resources, you can submit a formal obligation for this person. It is necessary that you have your own income and do not receive social assistance.  The formal obligation is one way to help the foreigner to get a residence permit.

Moreover the formal obligation can be used as a proof of invitation while applying for a visitor visa.

What kind of commitment do I make with the formal obligation?

With the formal obligation, you commit to pay for all these costs of the foreigner during the stay in Germany:

  • for livelihood (i.a. food, housing, clothing)
  • for medical treatments / cases of long-term care. Therefore you must take out health insurance with a minimum coverage of 30 000 € for the person
  • for the possible return to the home country

Required documents

The following documents are required for the formal obligation:

From the person for whom you make a formal obligation:

  • Personal details (full name, date and place of birth) of the visitor
  • Address of the visitor abroad
  • Also desirable is the serial number of the passport of the visitor

From you:

  • ID card or passport
  • Proof of financial capacity
  • For employees: salary slips of the last 3 months (if necessary, notices of child benefit, supplementary child allowance, parental allowance)
  • For pensioners: Pension approval certificate showing the current monthly pension.
  • Self-employed / freelancer: Last tax assessment and current profit and loss statement or other evidence (for example, certified by your tax accountant) which shows the monthly net income or the current monthly profit. Bank statements or passbooks are not sufficient proof.
  • Legal entities (e.g. GmbH): Commercial Register (not older than 3 months), appearance in person of the manager or an authorised officer. 

To make a formal obligation

To make a formal obligation, please contact your local District Office’s Customer Service Centre (Kundenzentrum) or Hamburg Welcome Center. The formal obligation costs 29 Euro.