Ministry of Labour, Social, Family Affairs and Integration

Entry Declaration of Commitment

By submitting a Declaration of Commitment you can enable foreign nationals to enter Germany for a short-term visit or a long-term stay.

Declarations of Commitment – Hamburg Welcome Portal

Third-country nationals must in principle prove for entry and stay in Germany that they have sufficient income to finance their living independently. If this is not possible for the person entering the country, you can submit a declaration of commitment for that person. You must pass on the original of the declaration of commitment to your foreign guest so that this person can submit the completed form when applying for a visa or residence permit. A declaration of commitment can only be applied for a maximum of six months before the first day of the visit. If this period has expired, the responsible diplomatic mission or consular post will decide whether a whether a current declaration of commitment must be submitted..

Scope of the declaration of commitment

By submitting a declaration of commitment, you undertake to pay for all costs that your guest incurs in Germany and cannot pay independently.
These are, for example, the following costs

  • for living (food, accommodation, clothing)
  • for medical treatment and cases of need for long-term care (proof of sufficient health and long-term care insurance coverage required)
  • for possible repatriation to the home country (if your guest does not leave voluntarily)

In principle, the declaration of commitment is valid for a period of five years.

Requirements for the submission of a declaration of commitment

You can only make a declaration of commitment if you have a sufficient income of your own and do not receive any public funds. In general, you will have to provide appropriate proof (e.g. proof of accommodation, income and insurance). If your income alone is not sufficient, you can also make a declaration of commitment together with other persons.
If you yourself are not a citizen of an EU Member State, you will also need a residence permit, the validity of which extends the duration of the visit, in order to submit a declaration of commitment.

Submission of letters of commitment

You can only contact the district office responsible for your place of residence. Processing takes place in the department for foreigner affairs or in the department for population data. 
Proceed as follows to determine the responsible district office: 

1. call up the "Behördenfinder":
    - Declarations of commitment under 90 days
    - Commitments over 90 days
2. enter registration address in Hamburg (street and house number) 
3. Press the red "Weiter" button. 

The "Behördenfinder" will now show you the address, telephone number, e-mail address and opening hours of the relevant office. 
You can also make your written declaration of commitment in person at the Hamburg Welcome Center. An appointment is required for this. The cost of the customer service is 29 euros.

Necessary documents for the submission of a declaration of commitment:

  • exact personal details of your guest (first name and surname, date and place of birth, address abroad, the serial number of the passport is also desirable)
  • Your valid identity card or passport and, if applicable, your valid residence permit.
  • estimated rental costs and health insurance certificates of your guest
  • for employees: Wage / salary statements/remuneration notifications of the past three months (if applicable, also child benefit, child supplement or parental allowance notifications)
  • for pensioners: pension notification indicating the amount of the current monthly pension
  • in the case of self-employed or freelance workers, the latest tax assessment and current profit and loss account or other evidence showing monthly net income or current monthly profit (statements of account or savings books are not sufficient)
  • for legal entities (e.g. limited liability companies): extract from the commercial register (not older than three months), profit and loss account or other evidence (presentation of the managing director or an authorised signatory).