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Entry Declaration of Commitment

By submitting a Declaration of Commitment you can enable foreign nationals to enter Germany for a short-term visit or a long-term stay.

Declarations of Commitment – Hamburg Welcome Portal

Foreign nationals won’t receive an entry visa to Germany if they cannot prove having enough financial resources to cover their living costs during the stay in Germany on their own. To overcome this obstacle, you can file a Declaration of Commitment („Verpflichtungserklärung“) for the foreign national in question. This Declaration of Commitment must be presented to the German mission abroad during the visa application process.

Extent of the obligation

When filing a Declaration of Commitment you agree to be liable for all costs your guest causes in Germany and cannot pay herself or himself.
These are, for example,

  • living costs (catering, accommodation, clothes)
  • costs for medical treatments and cases of care dependency (proof of sufficient health and nursing care insurance cover necessary)
  • costs for repatriation to the country of origin (only if your guest refuses to leave Germany voluntarily)

A Declaration of Commitment generally covers a period of up to five years.


You can only make a Declaration of Commitment when you have sufficient income on your own and do not receive any governmental support. Normally, you will be asked to present appropriate verifications (e.g. proofs of living space, income and insurances). If you do not have enough income of your own, a Declaration of Commitment can also be submitted jointly by two or more persons.

In case you do not hold a citizenship of a EU member state, filing a Declaration of Commitment requires furthermore that you are in possession of a residence permit whose validity exceeds your guest’s visit duration.

Submitting a Declaration of Commitment

(1) Declarations of Commitment for a short-term stay of up to 90 days  

(2) Declarations of Commitment for a stay of more than 3 months 

Procedure & Documents

A Declaration of Commitment can only be made in person and must be submitted to the relevant authority in written form. The administration fee is 29 Euro.

The following statements and documents are required:

  • your guest’s exact personal details (the full name, birth date and birth place, home address abroad, the passport serial number would also be desirable)
  • your valid ID card or passport and – where applicable – your valid residence permit
  • anticipated costs for accommodation as well as a proof of sufficient health insurance for your guest

To prove your financial standing, you must also provide:

  • if you are an employee: pay slips of the recent 3 months (where appropriate also notices of entitlement to Child Benefit, Child Supplement or Parental Allowance)
  • if you are a pensioner: a pension notice stating the current amount of your monthly pension
  • if you are self-employed or a freelancer: last tax bill and current profit and loss account or any other document stating your monthly net income or current monthly earnings (bank account statements or saving books won’t be sufficient!)

Depending on the individual case further documents and proofs may be necessary.