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Entry Customs Declarations

Customs duty is a charge for goods when transported across a customs border. It is a tax. The customs authority is responsible for this. Within the EU there are no customs boundaries.

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If you move from a non-EU country, you can import personal items duty-free under certain conditions. This includes all personal furniture and equipment, private vehicles, household supplies, pets and mounts animals as well as portable instruments and equipment for the exercise of craft or freelance activities.

Moving from a EU Member State

If you move to Hamburg from an EU country, you do not have to declare the goods that you carry with you to customs. However, certain goods, such as medicines, narcotics or fireworks, may be subject to restrictions or prohibitions.

Within the EU, there are areas with special regulations in which the simplified regulations between the EU states do not apply, as these do not belong to the customs territory of the EU.When entering from these territories, the customs regulations apply in the same way as when moving from a non-EU country.

Further information on moving from an EU country can be found on the customs website.

Moving from a Non-EU Member State

If you move to Hamburg from a country outside the EU, you must declare your removal goods to customs. In order to be able to import your goods duty-free, there are a number of requirements that have to be met. For example, your residence must have been outside the EU customs territory for at least twelve months.

However, you must always declare alcoholic products, tobacco and tobacco products, commercial vehicles and objects used commercially.

Note: Goods that you have imported duty-free into Germany are subject to customs supervision for twelve months. During this period you may not lend, pledge, rent, sell or give away the goods. If you violate this provision, you will not be exempted from customs duties and customs duties will be levied subsequently.

For more information about moving from a Non-EU Member State please visit the website of the German Customs Authority.

Cash Transactions

If you enter Germany from a non-EU country and have cash with a total value of 10,000 euros or more, you must declare the corresponding amount to the customs office in writing.

If you are entering Germany from an EU member state, you must state the corresponding amount verbally when you enter the country on questioning the customs office.