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In Germany there are many childcare options. Here you get an overview of the different childcare types.

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It is important for children to attend a child daycare institution as early as possible, because it helps ensure that their development and their German language skills reach the highest level possible. The childcare personnel also advises parents on how to best promote their children’s abilities at home and offers further assistance, if necessary.

Children who have reached the age of 1 year are legally entitled to a place in a childcare facility in Hamburg – regardless of whether the parents are employed or not. The basic care for all children in Hamburg is free of charge from birth to school enrolment. This means that parents don’t have to pay for the five-hour child daycare including lunch. You only need to apply for a daycare voucher (Kita-Gutschein).

In Germany there are different childcare options:

Arten der Kinderbetreuung

Attention: You have to register your child / children in advance, if you want them to partake in one of these daycare options. Places can be in short supply due to the high level of demand.