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Who receives a personal tax identification number in Germany?

Every person born or domiciled in Germany receives a tax identification number to ensure their unique identification within the tax system.

What is a tax identification number?

It is an 11-digit number that will remain with you for your whole life. So it will not change if you move home or change your name as a result of marriage. The tax identification number is required to calculate your income tax properly. That’s why it must be indicated on all applications, declarations and communications directed to the German tax authorities concerning income tax. 

How do you get your personal tax identification number?

You do not have to submit a separate application for a tax identification number. 2–4 weeks after your address registration, you will receive your personal tax identification number automatically by post. Moreover, newborn children also receive their tax identification number automatically.
Usually you find your tax identification number:

  • in your income tax assessment,
  • on your payroll tax certificate or
  • in the information letter of your tax office.

If you have lost or forgotten your tax identification number, you can request it again at the Federal Tax Office. Your tax identification number will be sent to you by post.

For further information, please contact the tax office, which is responsible for your district. To find the responsible tax office, please enter your registered address in the authority finder (Behördenfinder).