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Hamburg Welcome Tour: 24.06.2018 Where in Hamburg the sun rises: A guided walk through Hamburg Bergedorf!

In May, the Hamburg Welcome Center invites you to a guided walk through Bergedorf, visiting the Bergedorfer Castle.

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The Hamburg Welcome Center invites you in June to a guided stroll through Bergedorf, the easternmostdistrict of Hamburg. But it is not only this geographical location that makes Bergedorf an interestingdistrict: Bergedorf is home to the only water castle in Hamburg. Here is the birthplace ofthe most famous in his time Hamburg composer Johann Adolf Hasse as well as the medieval churchof St. Peter and St. Paul, consecrated in 1502, the historic Old Town and the Old Port. After havingvisited the magnificent room of the former landlord in the castle, we can end the afternoon in the‘Schloss Café’ (as self-payer) in a common round!

We look forward to share another part of Hamburg with you!

Meeting Place: Sunday, June 24th, 2018 at 01:45 p.m.
S-Bahn station Bergedorf – exit direction city – in front of the McDonalds branch.

Duration of the tour: approx. until 04:00 p.m.

Public transportation: S-Bahn line 21 to station “Bergedorf”.

Registration: Attending the Hamburg Welcome Tour is free of charge. Please sign up until 21 June 2018 by sending an E-Mail to, if you wish to attend the event. Guest list is limited - you will receive a written confirmation from our organiser, Ms Birgit Scheffner.

Note: We would like to give as many Hamburg Newcomers as possible the opportunity to take part in our events of the Hamburg Welcome Tour. In case of great demand, only two adult participants per registration or institution may eventually sign up. A maximum of one third of the available places are reserved for guests who have been living in Hamburg for more than one year. In case you have already participated twice, we would like to ask you to refrain from registering Also, if you receive a confirmation and cannot attend the tour unexpectedly, we kindly ask for a brief notification Otherwise we reserve the right to remove your name from the mailing list.